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blog blog blog.

i only come here to blog when i need to dump.

looking back at the past few entries, only certain issues bring me that low.

life is a daily buzz.

Sculpted@1:53 am


often then not, we wait till the very end, only to look back in anguish and horror. how many times have we let pettiness over-ride and over-whelm us.

Forgot not to honour those that you were made out of.
reconnection to the source of it and complete it.

King maker.
I found the qualities in one and maybe, lost one.
Maybe i'll forge out another one.

watch the show "Departures".

Sculpted@12:19 am



You once said never to doubt your integrity and here I am, at a crossroads.

Am I to believe in the words you once uttered and cling on to your integrity or don't believe them and fail in my own judgment?

trust, integrity, friendship. the very words you speak of, and the very actions i not see.

i do have to watch out for tautology going on though and limit it necessarily.
some "I" inside me feels glad that i have never given you this blog address, not that you ever did bother to find out or ask. even though there were hints aplenty.

*Cues Scarborough Fair* Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thine.

you have stopped caring at almost all levels and that hurts.

The Power of Intention. Energy. Folding time. Strength and comfort.
At the end of the day, I am a rocket in the sky.

Sculpted@12:51 pm


I may have blown all my credits, but i can also kick start the arcade machine to make it work again :)

Guilt gift and rushing back was a surprise and successful atonement. I am pleased :)

Low cut dress are the bane of my eyes. Pleasant conversation and in depth understanding.
With no love, Is there really no pain on your side or are you too numb and used to it?
I feel for you in that sense, yet not really.

I got to be careful with revealing details or traits that might shock others.

Are they real or imaginary? or am i still unable to exorcise the ghost?

Sculpted@3:15 am


Knocking so ever hard on the fortress doors.

Siege warfare is an arduous affair.

The troops are off to conquer other lands.

A lone scout keeps watch on the perimeter.

He wonders when it is his turn to go home.

Clear clutters.
Gain more energy.
Maintain Integrity.
Uphold Disciplines.
I believe in you more than you believe in yourself.

Sculpted@11:31 am


i know i rarely blog.

but watching Curious Case of Benjamin Button is screwing myself psychologically up.

Dis-orientated, Out of Sync and Dis-connected.

The reverse of roles, so diverse yet so similar. pinned down by the unconditional love of the characters makes me absolutely chilling to the core. it's psychologically disruptive, and all the very more counter-intuitive.

simply put, it screwed my brain up.

a lot of weird up energy has been flowing through me these past 2 days. it really does blow hot and cold, gasses bubbling around, funky quirks bumping around. i know not of what does all these herald, but i do hope of it being better for the future.

it might be time to run.
and when i do really run, i may never look back.
though it might be the very thing i am searching for, that will forever be gone in the wind.

Sculpted@2:10 am


Awakened :)
Forging forward


To enjoy injury-free soccer
Better understanding
Processing out more junk